Electronics and Communication

It is a branch of engineering that deals with the practical implementation of communication as well as electronics. The engineers in this field work towards the research, design and testing of electronic components used for communication. It is because of this field that we are able to use communication devices like cell phones and televisions. This field also works in electric devices like transmitter, receiver, integrated circuits(IC) along with the analog and digital transmission of data. There are number of topics to choose for your M.Tech thesis as well as for your projects. Thesis guidance and thesis assistance in electronics and communication field will help you more in doing research in this area. The main thesis topics in electronics and communication that students often choose include wireless communication, digital and analog data transmission and also fibre optics for communication.

Thesis in electronics and communication

What work electronics and communication engineers do?
The devices that we use daily like mobile phones, television, computers have made our life so much easier and entertaining. All thanks to electronics and communication engineers who are working towards development of these devices. Along with this the electronics engineers also perform the following functions:
Design and maintenance of satellites system which allow the rural areas to connect to the internet services.
Working towards advancement of communication system to make our life even more comfortable.
Creation of programs for communication and for other functionalities.

Topics under electronics and communication field
Like computer science, electronics and communication is also a broad and an important field. There are numerous topics under this field which you can choose for your M.Tech thesis as well for projects. Some of these topics are:
Organic Light Emitting Diode(OLED)
Bluetooth Technology
Surveillance Camera
Electronic Voting Machine(EVM)
Sensor Technology
Embedded System
3D Integrated Circuit
Fibre Optics
These were some of the topics in this field. The topic for thesis can be chosen depending upon the area of interest of the student.

Scope of Electronics and Communication Engineering
One question that comes to mind of every student before entering into any field is what is the future scope of that particular field. Electronics and Communication have a wide scope just as computer science field. Everyday there is new development in electronic devices like mobile phones and computer. There is advancement in the area of satellite communication, telecommunication and optical fibre technology. Electronics and communication find its application in the area of:
Remote sensing
Thus electronics and communication have a bright scope. Students can get any thesis help and guidance in the field of electronics and communication from the experts in this field.