Proposal & Synopsis consultation service:

Techsparks offers to make your task simpler and convenient by helping you to make the most challenging part of your thesis or a dissertation: A Synopsis / Research Proposal.

A synopsis or a research proposal is the representation of your thesis or a dissertation in a short and precise manner. The most difficult task in the making of a thesis or a dissertation is the synopsis or the research proposal, since you need to put the details of the 100+ page- thesis or a dissertation in just 3000 words!

The main objective of a research proposal or synopsis is to proof your committee that you have done a good research on to support your aims and objectives of your research to make your thesis or a dissertation worthy of it.

Techsparks offers synopsis and research proposal consultationand assistance services at affordable prices with quality at its best.

Why Techsparks for your research proposal or synopsis

The question may form in your mind that why trust Techsparks with my synopsis or a research proposal, the part on which lies my entire thesis and ultimately, my degree?

The answer is, Techsparks undergoes a thorough research session before helping you with your synopsis or a research proposal. This includes the research on which your entire thesis or a dissertation is based on, both primary and secondary. This includes a survey of atleast 5 professionals and a sample size of atleast 20 customers (of the concerned issue like product/ service) and hard search of the secondary information.Not only this, you will also be provided the required further assistance with information in future while you make your thesis or a dissertation.

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