Capstone Making:

A capstone project is the culmination of undergrad educations for many people. In fields like English, foreign languages and history, a capstone project serves as the apex of everything students have learned in their given fields. The capstone gives them a chance to present what they know and prepares them for grad school or further research work. Typically, the capstone consists of a semester or two of research that goes into a final paper or sometimes another sort of project.

Techsparks provide you an opportunity to put your skills into practice by sending you into a simulated business world. We will help you to compete against other teams, you will become the directors of a virtual company in a dynamic commercial environment, making vital decisions to ensure your success.

In capstone unit we help students to:

• Choose the project topic that interests or intrigues them.
• Make capstone projects on the topics related to Computer Science, Business.
• By providing you readymade PPTs to think outside of the box, and to be ready to show off your skills.
• By providing the ready made capstone project that answer a question, focus on an emerging trend or a new procedure, OR solve an industry-based problem while keeping in mind the topic of your interest.
•Critically evaluate information to solve problems.

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