Best Thesis Statement Samples to Write a Strong Thesis

For you to write a successful undergraduate or graduate level thesis, you must be familiar with the fundamentals of how to begin writing it and what all is needed to be included. The main elements of a thesis are –

  • Thesis Statement
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methodology
  • Analysis of Data
  • Findings of the Study
  • Recommendation
  • Conclusion

We will be discussing about thesis statement and how you can come up with a good one to make your thesis stand out from the rest. But, before we begin sharing thesis statement samples, let us understand the meaning of thesis and thesis statement.

What is a Thesis?

A thesis is the top most important descriptive writing paper in college. You have to choose a particular subject area in which you are interested in writing your thesis and your knowledge about that subject that you’d attained over the years will be reflected in the paper. The main purpose of a thesis is to reflect –

  • What topic you have chosen?
  • What are your ideas and opinions on the chosen topic?
  • What are you trying to prove and how?

Furthermore, if you conduct your research in the right manner, it will help the readers to understand about your work easily thus, you need to be familiar with the basics of thesis writing.

What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement on the other hand –

  • Explains to the readers how you are going to explain the essence of the subject matter that is being discussed in the paper.
  • Is a blueprint of the thesis i.e., it gives a hint to the readers about what is coming next or what can they expect to be in the thesis.
  • Directly gives you the answer to the question being addressed. Let us say, you chose World War 2 as your thesis topic or history is the subject area; a thesis statement will explain about meaning of the World War 2 or why it happened.
  • Provides you certain claims that others might disagree with.

Is generally a sentence that is supposed to be written at the very beginning of the thesis?

What is a Thesis StatementThe thesis statement must be written precisely and specifically on the argument or question being addressed. Make sure you are not writing your thesis statement that has already been discussed before. In that case, your idea behind writing the thesis paper will not be considered as original.

Now, we will help you by providing best this statement samples to give an idea of how you can begin writing your thesis. Make note that the following samples have never been researched before and thus, they are just samples in which you can modify your own idea.

Should a Student be Attending College after High School or Not

Given the number of assignments, class tests, exams, and many more, high school study is not as easy as it may look. For this very reason, many students get confused about what they would like to pursue further in their studies. In most cases, students studying in the commerce stream in high school, end up studying arts in their college. In fact, there are students who even take some time off after their high school. Thus, the gap between their high school and college allows them to think best for their career.

Making Teens Aware about Consensual Sex

Not everyone is comfortable in talking about sex education and this is the prime reason for the increase in sexual assaults. Thus, looking at the high rate of sexual assaults and harassment, it is a triggered warning for parents and teachers to do the needful by teaching the teens about sex. However, the education must be given as per the teen’s maturity level.

How Medical Marijuana can be used?

A study was initiated that showed 25 percent of veterans were suffering from a disease by the name – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When taken marijuana medicine, the entire lot of veterans got healthy. Therefore, provided the results, marijuana medicine must be allowed in all parts of the country.

Creating a Balance between Work and Life

One of the well-known personalities once said that ‘Everything in life has to have balance’ and we cannot agree more. Creating a balance between work and life is a must and thus, can be achieved by bringing up opportunities for working from home and allowing only six hours of work on weekdays. These efforts made will not only give every working person a satisfaction but will improve overall efficiency and productivity in the work.

work-life balance: private life & career

Cyber Stalking

Everyone is well familiar with using mobile phones, social media, and so on. Talking specifically about teens, the number of hours spent by them on the social media is beyond anyone can imagine. This has given a rise to cyber stalking which further ends up in depression, anxiety, and in some cases, it leads to suicidal ideas.

General Public Libraries

A library is every book lover’s favorite place to go and not only book lovers but the library is essential for everyone considering the varieties of books, magazines, articles, journals, newspapers, etc. that can be easily found there. Whenever you have a doubt, you can visit the library, look for the book or relevant source and seek an answer to your questions. Hence, the government must invest in building more and more libraries in local as well as urban areas.

Resources and Education for People below Poverty Line

Education is every person’s right therefore, the government should do every bit to provide education even to those who lie below the poverty line. Free education must be provided to those who cannot afford it because education someone is not less than a good deed. If not complete education then the government should do the needful for providing basic education to its people.

Resources and Education for People below Poverty Line

Essence of Exercise

Once Gene Tunney said ‘to enjoy the glow of your health, you must exercise.’ Rather than blabbering about exercise as a health advantage, start saying doing exercise for at least 30 minutes a day will keep your heart, mind, body, and soul healthy and wiser.

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