Always keep in mind that writing a thesis proposal is not only limited to your degree, hence it is an essential part of it. A PhD thesis proposal is supposed to be at least ten pages long. Every student gets stuck while writing a thesis proposal and how to conduct research. Therefore, it is very difficult to figure out on what topic the research should be done or which idea has more chances of getting attention and high grades.


Every student aims at being an expert in the subject they are interested but some of the questions arise such as-

  • How to achieve being an expert?
  • What planning is required?
  • How do know what kind of thesis is known as an ‘acceptable’ thesis?


To be able to easily write a thesis proposal, you must be thorough with your thesis topic. You can take the help from your supervisor and thus, your topic should be based on the following grounds-

  • An easily understandable topic.
  • Information is available in plenty of sources.
  • Is realistic, i.e., explains a real situation or problem.
  • That provides a good learning experience and skills.
  • Is rational and has a high chance of getting accepted by the readers.


It differs from university to university as to how long your PhD thesis should be, but despite its length, your thesis proposal should answer the following questions-

  • What is the purpose or aim of your thesis?
  • What kinds of sources will help me to find the right information?
  • What sequence should you follow to prepare it?


Therefore, you have to invest enough time and effort into the writing process because the more you will enhance your writing, the better it will get. You will also be able to understand what is the basic idea behind the methods and questions . Remember, that a perfect thesis proposal is something powerful and flexible. However, through the following points, you will understand how you can write a thesis proposal on time and that can be beneficial for your career.


Choose the area of the subject you are interested in

Before picking up a thesis topic, the area in which you are interested should be known. Thesis writing experts have given a very important piece of advice that the thesis topic you choose should be from the area of the subject that you are truly interested in. The more you will like a subject area, the more you will want to know about it. And the more you will go into detail searching for the information, the better sources you will gather to write your thesis proposal. You will have some on and off days during the preparation of the thesis, irrespective of your field. There will be days when you will be feeling good and motivated to make the thesis whereas, on some days you will be confused about several things as to how to do the research or whether you are using the right methods or not. However, if you are well aware of your topic and have an interest in it, then it will be easier for you to conduct the research and write the thesis proposal.


Choose a project idea that balances novelty with established research

Once you are well aware of the subject area, the next thing to choose is the project idea on which you will prepare your entire thesis. However, the question arises that what kind of topic you should research on? A hot and trending topic or playing safer and choosing an understandable topic. It has to be decided to keep in mind that how much time you have to complete your work. Well, there is one simple way to find out the answer to such questions is that to analyze your performance at every stage of the thesis. Remember, it will take a bit longer to complete your thesis than you pre-planned. However, if you have the expert’s assistance with you then begin searching for questions in areas you are interested in. Also, researching the area with a good research methodology will help you in learning essential research skills that you can use to create your unique niche.


Ask well-defined and open-ended questions for your thesis

Make sure you are working on questions that are publishable and not high-risk. Questions that have negative answers are usually not published. So, keep a note of the questions that you are working on. Many students believe that well-defined questions have a greater chance of success. The best way to figure out the question is open-ended or not is to think of the results. For example, what results you are expecting, or are they interesting and publishable?

Therefore, ensure that you are asking well-defined and open-minded questions and that your questions are unique and publishable.


Look for the educational projects

There are a lot of students who prepare the thesis just to get the degree instead of grabbing the opportunity of learning new skills. As learning and practicing new skills can help you get to the position where you want to be in your career. You can make a list of the jobs to know what kinds of skills an employer is looking for and do the specialization in that. You can collaborate with related projects to enhance your skills as it will help you in deciding which career will be best for you.


Visualize your Finished Publication

Visualizing your publication motivates you to work more and better as it feels good to hold your very first published work. However, ensure to frame answers based on the following questions while writing your thesis proposal-

  • Your research goals.
  • Your motivation for the study.
  • Contributions made by others in the research.
  • Methods used to learn and complete the project.
  • Outcomes and results of the study.
  • Explanation of data from the table and graphs.
  • On what basis the work has contributed to your field of research?


Thus, visualizing your finished publication is the most essential step among the others. So, focus on defining your questions properly with a realistic plan.


However, remember that a perfect thesis never exists and no one writes their thesis all by themselves. So, take the support you need along with following the above-mentioned key points to easily write a PhD thesis proposal.


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