The MATLAB is the tool which is used to perform mathematical complex computations. In this MATLAB simplified C is used as the programming language. The MATLAB has various inbuilt toolboxes and these toolboxes are mathematical toolbox, drag and drop based GUI, Image processing, Neural networks etc. The MATLAB is generally used to implement algorithms, plotting graphs and design user interfaces. The MATLAB has high graphics due to which it is used to simulate networks. The MATLAB has various versions by current MATLAB version is 2015. The MATLAB process elements in the form of MATRIXs and various other languages like JAVA, PYTHON and FORTAN are used in MATLAB. The MATLAB default interface has following parts

Command Window:- The Command Window is the first importance part of MATLAB which is used to show output of already saved code and to execute MATLAB codes temporarily

WorkSpace :- The workspace is the second part of MATLAB which is used to show allocation and reallocation of MATLAB variables. The workspace is divided into three parts. The first part is MATLAB variable,variable type and third part is variable value

Command History :- The command history is the third part of MATLAB in which MATLAB commands are shown which are executed previously

Current Folder Path :- The current Folder path shows that path of the folder in which MATLAB codes are saved

Current Folder Data: – The Current Folder Data shows that data which is in the folders whose path is given in Current Folder Path

The MATLAB has three Command which are used frequently and these commands are :-

CLC= The ‘clc’ stands for clear command window

Clear all:- The ‘clear all’ command is used to de-allocate the variable from the workspace

Close all:– The close all is the command which is used to close all the interfaces and return you to default MATLAB interface.

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