Wireless sensor Networks

The wireless sensor networks is the type of network in which sensor nodes sense the network information and pass sensed information to base station. M.Tech projects on wireless sensor networks include the information about the usage of network through wireless links used for communication.

M.Tech projects on wireless sensor networks defines that the wireless sensor networks follow the single hop and multi-hop type of communication. When the two nodes are in the range of each other and want to communicate with each other it use single hop communication and in the same manner where two nodes are not in the range of each other but wants to communicate for that it follows the multi-hop type of communication.


    M.Tech projects on wireless sensor networks state that:

• The wireless sensor networks is generally deployed on the far places to sense the environmental conditions and network deployment may be random or in the fixed topology.
• The size of the sensor node is very small , due to which battery power of the sensor node is limited. The sensor nodes are deployed on the far places, it is very difficult to recharge or replace battery of these sensor nodes.
• The energy consumption is the major issue of the sensor networks on which various research is been done. In the recent times, various techniques have been proposed to reduce energy consumption of the sensor networks.
• Among proposed technique clustering is most efficient technique which increase lifetime of the wireless sensor networks. The technique of clustering is classified into static and dynamic type of clustering. In the technique of clustering, the whole network is divided into fixed size clustering using location based clustering.
• In each cluster the cluster heads are selected using two parameters which are energy and distance. The node is applicable to be cluster head which has maximum energy and least distance from the other nodes which are in the cluster.
• The nodes in the cluster will aggregate its data to cluster head . The cluster heads in the network will communicate with each and sensed information is passed to base station. The wireless sensor networks has many other isses like security, quality of service and routing on which various researchers has proposed frameworks to make WSN more efficient and reliable.
These are the notable things that should be included in your M.Tech projects on wireless sensor networks. These project ideas are collected especially for M.Tech students working on their thesis . We hope these ideas brings a great help for you to complete your M.Tech successfully.