The very first thing we studies during the thesis in NS2 is the simulation. The stimulation is the technique which is applied to analyze the performance of the model which you have developed when actually it is implemented in the real time environment. While doing the thesis in NS2 you will learn that – The simulators are of two type, the first type of event based simulator and second type is time based simulators. The network simulator version two is the event based simulator in which created events are trigger on the defined amount of time. The Network simulator is the simulator which is used to simulate the network models. The network simulator has various version and latest version is NS2-2.35 which is best compatible with ubuntu 12.04. The networks simulator version 2 is the linux based simulator which run on various of linux like fedora, red hat etc. Thesis in NS2 demands attentiveness to completely understand the know-how of this complex architecture in which tool commands language is used for the front end and for the backend C++ is used as programming language. The performance analysis tools are used with NS2 and these tools are xgraph, ngraphs etc. The tool command language and C++ when used parallel it is called object oriented tool commands language.


Thesis in NS2 provides both type of text based and animation based simulation. When the object oriented language is executed it gives two output, the first output is the .tr file which is called trace file in which output of text based simulation is saved, second file is .nam file which provides animation based simulation. While doing your thesis in NS2 you will learn how the xgraph tool take the input of the trace files and generates the line graphs through which we can analyze network performance in terms of throughput, delay, bandwidth consumption etc. To analyze the network performance C++ scripts are created and main trace file is given as input which gave numeric results in terms of throughput, delay , bandwidth consumption etc . The NS2 is the widely used simulator because it is the only simulator which provides both type of text based and animation based simulations.