The mobile ad hoc network is the type of network which is decentralized in nature. In the mobile ad hoc network nodes simply configure together to form the network. In the network single hop and multi-hop type of communication is possible which forms direct and indirect type of communication. When the two nodes are in the range of each other they can directly communicate with each other through direct communication. In the mean while multi-hop type of communication is the one in which nodes can indirectly communicate through intermediate nodes.


To establish secure and efficient path from source to destination various types of routing protocols proactive and hybrid. In the reactive routing protocols nodes gather the network information to establish path to destination. In the proactive routing protocols the source node uses the network predefined information to establish path to destination. In hybrid routing protocol source gather network information and also uses predefined information for the path establishment to destination. Due to self-configuring nature of MANET, many malicious nodes may join the network which are responsible various types of active and passive attacks. In the MANET routing, security and QoS are the three major issues which can be resolved in future to make communication more efficient and reliable came into existence in the recent time. The routing protocols are broadly classified into reactive, proactive.

MANET is a good thesis topic if you are from networking field. Thesis guidance agencies will recommend this topic for thesis as it is the latest trend in the field of networking and they will provide thesis help in this new field. In MANET, the devices connected have the ability to move freely in any direction and they can change link with other devices. Following are the types of Mobile ad hoc Networks:

  • Vehicular ad hoc Network(VANET) – In this type of network, vehicles act as the nodes to create a network. Other vehicles can join this network to communicate.
  • Smart phone ad hoc Network(SPAN) – In this type of network, smart phones become routers and act as an alternate for information sharing.
  • Internet-based mobile ad hoc Network – This type of network uses certain internet-based protocols for linking nodes.

In MANET, each node function as the source, sink and router. The nodes transfer packets to other nodes for communication. The nodes find optimal path for transferring packets for easy communication. Mobile ad hoc Network have the following advantages:

  • Lower cost
  • Mobility
  • Robust
  • Decentralized
  • Easy deployment

MANET has some drawbacks also which are as follows:

  • Error rate is high due to certain obstructions.
  • The data rate is lower due to lower frequency.
  • Multiple hops in the route between the nodes is a challenge.
  • This type of network faces some security issues due to certain vulnerabilities.
  • Power consumption is high for this type of network.

One can study MANET by using various simulation tools like OPNET, NetSim, NS2, OMNeTT etc. This is a very good topic for thesis. Thesis help for this topic can be taken from thesis guidance agencies who will guide the students in detail about Mobile ad hoc Network.