Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the development of software by using certain principles and methodologies. The result of software engineering is an efficient and reliable software product. Software is a collection of executable program codes with some associated libraries. Software Evolution is a process of development of software products through engineering principles and methods. The development of software passes through various stages starting from intial requirements to its maintence after development. Software Engineering is another good topic for M.Tech thesis as software development is getting better and better day by day. Students can take thesis help in software engineering from software developer experts.

Phases of software development(SDLC Lifecycle)

As earlier said, the development of software passes through various stages known as Software Development Lifecycle(SDLC). Following are the phases of software development:

  • Requirement Gathering

  • Feasibility Study

  • System Analysis

  • Software Design

  • Coding

  • Software Testing

  • Integration

  • Implementation

  • Software Maintenance

Firstly the requirements are collected based on the aims and objectives of the software product. After the requirements are gathered, the feasibility study is done to check whether the software will be able to satisfy the aims and objectives required from the software. After the feasibility study is successful, the designing of the software is done. An appropriate design of the software is created. After designing, the software goes through the coding phase in which the programmers write a code for the software. After the code is written, the testing of the code is done. Integration of the code with the design is done after that. Now comes the final implementation of the software. After successful implementation, the software again goes through two types of testing – alpha testing and beta testing. Alpha testing is done by the programmers and developers while beta testing is done by the end users.

The software is launched in the market after successful testing both by the programmers as well as by the end users. A special team is appointed to look after the maintenance of the software for new updates and features.

Software Development Models

There are certain development models for software to design strategies for sequence wise development of the model. Some of the models are:

  • Waterfall Model

  • Iterative Model

  • Spiral Model

  • V-Model

  • Big Bang Model

CASE tools in software engineering

CASE stands for computer-aided software engineering and is the process of use of automation tools for development of software products. CASE tools consist of certain application programs to automate SDLC lifecycle. Following are the components of CASE tools:

  • Central Repository

  • Upper Case Tools

  • Lower Case Tools

  • Integrated Tools

This was the basic introduction to software engineering. It is a very good and easy topic for your M.Tech thesis. Go for it if you are looking for a easy topic in thesis.