We at Techsparks provide a single research package to our researchers in which we try to give them a very good guidance so that they can efficiently complete their research.

Our guidance package is as follows:

1. Guidance regarding research topic : We guide the student about the latest topics in which research is going on so that the researcher can choose a right topic matching his/her interests.

2. Guidance regarding the tools : There are several tools like NS2, NS3 , Matlab , Java etc which can be used by the researchers to implement their research but in the beginning of a research no researcher knows that which tool will be best suited for his research work , We guide and make the researchers aware about the functionalities of these tools and guide them in choosing the right tool according to their research work.

3. Guiding the researcher about the format : We also guide students about the format in which the research should proceed.

4. Guidance to the researchers about the latest emerging technologies : We guide students that what else is going in the research field and how they can complere their research with others.

This guidance package costs Rs.24000 INR / $700 usd.

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